Long Weekend Daze…

Let me start out by saying that I was down 1.6 lbs at my weigh-in on Friday. I went a day early because Dave and I had plans to go to his buddies cabin on Saturday. I am at a total loss of 27.9 lbs. YAY! I hope you all had an excellent long weekend. … Continue reading

It’s ALMOST Summertime…

Yes, that’s right! It’s almost summertime, well according to DAVIDsTEA anyway! Their summer collection was released today and let me tell you, it is PURE genius. All the flavours scream summertime, in fact I even had one of their new flavours as an iced tea. Is it time to bust out my shorts and prance … Continue reading

Measuring Your Successes…

I’d like to start out by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely mommies out there. I am so grateful to have so many powerful and strong moms to look up to. I am who I am today because of these women. Thank you! WEIGH-IN I went to my weigh-in yesterday and after a … Continue reading

I Love What I Love…

“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” ~Emilie Coue Losing weight and keeping it off is no simple task. I knew starting this journey that it wasn’t going to be a quick fix, it had to be a drastic life change. I used to think I didn’t have it in me, … Continue reading

A Tasty Combination of Balance…

A concept that I’ve really had to take into consideration in order to be successful on this journey was time management. I’ve realized that it’s a juggling act and some people seem to do it so effortlessly while others struggle. I’m not struggling by any means, but I’ve had to plan and map out my … Continue reading

Get Your GYM on… Motivational Mondays!

I’m going to keep it light for tonight. I went to the gym, hung out with Jillian Michaels (aka 30 Day Shred Challenge) for a little and baked up a storm. I am one tired girl. Here are some quotes to motivate you to get your butt off the couch, to walk away from the … Continue reading

Clean Eating… What does it mean to you?

I’ve been asked by a friend what ‘Clean Eating’ actually means. For those that are new to the concept, it doesn’t mean running your fruits and veggies under the tap. It’s a little more in depth than that. There are several concepts/lifestyles you can follow if you want to eat clean. If you are contemplating … Continue reading

Every Ounce Counts… AKA Successful Saturdays!

* My blog was acting up yesterday and wouldn’t allow me to post pictures, so it is a day late. Here it is though… Enjoy!  Saturdays are my weigh-in days with Weight Watchers and I’m always on pins and needles when I wake up the morning of. I am in a panic because I’m never … Continue reading

Being a Healthier YOU… AKA Wellness Wednesdays!

Wellness Wednesdays will provide information on a variety of different topics such as nutritional information & fun facts, inspirational people & other bloggers, as well as taking the steps to leading a healthier lifestyle. I want to share what I have learned through this process with all of you… Today, I will be talking about bananas. … Continue reading