Get your rock on…

Today I am happy to share with all of my followers that David proposed to me on Saturday, June 29, 2013. I would like to use this blog post to share my excitement and our proposal with you.

David planned a trip to go back home to Ontario a couple of weeks ago for a conference and planned to visit our families and friends. I had a hunch that he would be buying a ring as we were discussing marriage more freely and openly. He also did drop some not-so subtle hints such as stating he had a surprise to share with me on the Saturday (pretty much a week after he returned home). When I pointed out that he would be home on the Monday and questioned why he couldn’t give it to me then, he had no rebuttal and told me I had to be patient.

I shared with David a couple years ago that I would like if he asked for my parents blessing, when the time came for him to propose to me. I am not a traditional person by any means, but I am very close with my parents and thought it was a romantic gesture.

The last evening David spent in Ontario, he stayed overnight at my parents place and informed them of the intentions he had for our relationship and our future.

When Saturday approached I kept pressing him to tell me about this so-called surprise he had for me. He said “it’s not a ring, so get that idea out of your head.”

On the morning of Saturday, June 29, 2013 I stuck to my normal routine and went to my weigh-in at Weight Watchers. I was down 2.0 pounds on the nose and that put me at a total loss of 30.4 pounds. Pretty pumped about that!

Anyways… Back to the juicy details…

David and I planned to visit Ferryland, NL and walk up to the lighthouse that overlooked the Atlantic Ocean. It was a rainy morning and I wasn’t sure if we would still go. Once I returned home from my weigh-in, he insisted we go regardless.

On our way up to Ferryland David was cool, calm and collected… Until we arrived in Ferryland and he got very quiet. We ate our sandwiches in the car and he told me he wasn’t hungry enough to finish his. I was disappointed because I was ready devour mine, but I did not want to look like a glutton and set mine aside. Common guys, I’m a lady. Not!

He suggested we begin our trek up to the lighthouse, but I wanted to walk along the ocean beach front first and take it all in.

We weren’t even on the beach 5 minutes when Dave said “I’ve been lying to you all week” and reached into his jacket pocket revealing a ring box. I wish I could have been cool about it all, but instead I screamed “I ALREADY KNEW!” in his face.

I don’t remember his whole speech, I just remember saying “Oh my God” over and over again. I don’t even think I said yes at the time.

It was the perfect proposal though and I am over the moon. The day turned out to be a beautiful day in every aspect and the sun came out. On our walk up to the lighthouse we even saw a whale.

Here is a song dedicated to my hubby-to-be!

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– Caro

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