Back to the Basics…

Two months have gone by and I have been a busy body and have played host to several guests this summer. I have had my family visit twice, my girlfriends stayed with me for a week and then mine and Dave’s mutual friends stayed with us for a couple of days.

It was a busy couple of months and we are so fortunate to have such amazing people in our lives. I had the greatest summer and got to spend some good quality time with the people I love, in my new city.

With that said, my “healthy diet” was shelved for a bit. I am happy to report that I was able to maintain my weight for the most part. I only gained three pounds, but I don’t intend on allowing those pounds to stick around with the other pounds I intend to shed.

I know I’ve said these sort of things before, where I’ll fall off the wagon and then hop right back on. I feel a little hypocritical in saying that I am back for good and I will be blogging about my healthy lifestyle again. The fact of the matter is, life happens! Plain and simple. I need to get back to the basics…

With some well-deserved TLC and research I have changed my outlook on life. My thought process on food, exercise, health and my overall sanity have changed. Let me tell you why. I have been watching documentaries about healthy and REALISTIC lifestyles that we should all be following. I recently watched Hungry For Change  and it was so informative and helped me rationalize how we should be consuming food.

In today’s day and age, we aren’t eating real foods anymore. We are eating chemically enhanced and processed foods that are high in sugar, which turns into fat. We are deprived of certain nutrients and are hungry and starved of them, so we are constantly hungry because our bodies crave them. We are eating a lot of the “wrong” foods and it is causing health concerns and we are putting on fat, all because our bodies are being starved of all the nutrients it wants and needs.

We weren’t supposed to sit at a desk for eight plus hours a day, under fluorescent lights and eat processed foods. I know we can’t change our jobs per se, but we can change our eating habits. Typically, if a label on a food item has more than 5 ingredients, it usually has a lot of the products we shouldn’t be consuming.

MSG and free glutamates are used to enhance flavour in about 80% of all processed foods and are hidden behind 50 other names. The MSG chemical excites the brain and tricks it into thinking it is getting all the things it craves, temporarily.

I used to eat foods that were high in sugar and would go to the gym and hop on the stationary bike or treadmill for hours on end to burn away the fat I consumed, but in actuality I was burning some of the fat and the toxins had no where else to go and would stay in my body and would wait around for the next sugar fix. How mind blowing is that?

I did know SOME of this before, but I think I was too stubborn to admit it to myself. Sometimes you need a harsh reality to put things into perspective.

If you’re the type of person that likes to do their own research in order to find a plan/lifestyle that suits you to lose weight, here are a few other documentaries I have watched that I have taught me a few other things:

  • Chew On This – TED Talks
  • Vegucated
  • Food Matters
  • Food, Inc.

What it all boils down to is that we should be consuming more whole foods that are enriched in nutrients and not chemicals. Essentially we should be eating what Mother Nature gave us; aka the Caveman Diet . The Caveman Diet may be hard one to follow, depending on the individual but it is the MOST clean lifestyle one can follow.

I will continue to follow Weight Watchers and count out my points, as it has been effective in my weight-loss journey thus far, but I will incorporate certain diets such as the Caveman Diet, to steer clear of foods that are over processed or high in sugar. I will start juicing my fruits and vegetables to ensure I am getting a ton of vitamins and nutrients from whole foods.

These are some of the goals I have set for myself, but I won’t deprive myself from other foods from time to time, as things are okay in moderation. That doesn’t mean that on a Saturday afternoon I will sit on the couch and consume an entire chocolate cake, but if I want a slice… I will eat that slice!

Does anyone out there have any juicing tips/recipes? Such as, what fruits and veggies go well together? 

Have you watched any good documentaries regarding diet/lifestyles? 

This next musical delight is by Lana Del Rey, whom I have a slight girl crush on. She is one of my favourite artists as she has an original sound and style. This song is fitting as summertime is coming to an end.

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– Caro

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